Friday, June 20, 2008

Prince Michel Chardonnay

So two days ago Kate and I opened a Chardonnay from Prince Michel, a winery that's off of Rt. 29 on the way to Charlottesville, Virginia. It's nice, but a little bland. I really don't know what I like in whites that well yet, though, so I reserve the right to revise this review. Prince Michel's Riesling is much better, in my opinion.

We also recently opened a white from First Colony, a winery just outside of Charlottesville - quite close to Monticello. I forget what it was, actually - I think it might have also been a Chardonnay. I'll get back to you on that. This was delicious - a nice, grapefruity taste. We had it with chicken marinated in a spicey-lime Cuban marinade. Awesome combination.

Kate and I are going to a few more wineries north of Leesburg this weekend, so hopefully I'll bring back some more reviews.

Hamilton's Legacy

I think this blog will be slow to start, but I do have some interesting topics in mind. It will probably be a little while until I get a full-fledged post up, but in the meantime I'll ellicit ideas from readers! One of the things I am interested in exploring is the question "what is the role of economic planning and competitiveness policy in a free republic and in the context of the American tradition?"

I think this question ultimately boils down to "do we embrace or repudiate Alexander Hamilton's legacy?" How do we thread a course between self-destructive libertarianism (which I think is a bastardized version of what liberty meant to the founders) and statist socialism? What would a competitiveness policy tailored to American values look like?

I have very specific thoughts of my own, but for now I'll ask for yours...