Sunday, July 20, 2008

Swedenburg Rose

So several weeks back, Kate and I went to Swedenburg Estate Vineyard, and several other wineries in Middleburg, VA. We opened the first bottle from Swedenburg yesterday - a rose that I insisted on buying after we tried it. Normally I don't like roses much - they're basically like a white zinfandel for people not familiar with them. Usually not very exciting - they're not as crisp and fresh to me as a white, and they don't have the full experience of a red. This one was different, however - it had some strawberry notes (again something I usually don't like too much - strawberry flavored wine reminds me too much of "Arbor Mist"). In this case, I think the strawberry really complimented the alcohol that came out because it was so dry. That's the other problem I have with "berry notes" in wine. Usually you see it more with super-sweet wines, and its all just too much. But this wine was drier, so the strawberry went well with it. I liked it a lot.

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