Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Transparency

It seems to me that all these things McCain has been pulling:

1. Outrage that Obama called Palin a "pig"
2. Accusing Obama of wanting to raise taxes on working Americans
3. Promoting Palin as someone who "said no to the bridge to nowhere"

and most recently...

4. Dumping Friday's debate to rush to Washington to deal with the financial crisis

are completely insincere and to me completely transparent. I understand that campaigns stretch the truth sometimes... Obama does that when he talks about McCain wanting to stay in Iraq "for 100 years". And there are other instances where McCain simply stretches the truth rather than promoting outright lies. But also prominent in the McCain campaign have been these instances where you just have to think "how can McCain SAY THAT and keep a straight face? There's no way even HE could believe that!"

Am I just being paranoid here? Am I just being cynical? Or is this stuff really as transparent as it appears to be to me?

Such a shame... I've always liked the guy, but there have been SO MANY cheap shots lately. I'm glad Obama said the debate should go on, and that he didn't just cave into McCain's ridiculousness.

Of course we need to work out a solution to this crisis... but that's not a free pass to get you out of a debate.


bnsmith07 said...

I don't think McCain is trying to duck out of the debate because he's unprepared or scared or anything. After all as Bill Clinton pointed out this morning, McCain requested 10 town hall debates which Obama turned down. Just throwing that out there. People seem to forget that fact. Bill Clinton defended McCain on Good Morning America (i believe that was the program).

dkuehn said...

OK - maybe its not because he's unprepared - but I have this sneaking suspicion that at least it was more to appear serious and presidential than out of any real concern for the crisis. After all - what exactly is he going to be doing for an hour or two on Friday night to stop this crisis that would keep him from debating? He's probably not deeply involved in these decisions anyway - and this is the 21st century! He can keep working on it remotely on the plane to and from Mississippi.

You're right - we don't know the underlying motives... something just stinks about it to me because it seems so unnecessary