Monday, September 8, 2008

A few cool updates...

I'm REALLY excited to read this new book that came in for birthday: "The Race Between Education and Technology"!! It's about the supply and demand of educated labor since 1900 - and how technological growth has outpaced educational growth since about 1980... implications of that for wages, inequality, etc. Right in line with my SEA presentation (which I really need to write). As soon as I'm done with my current pirate book I'm going to start reading this.

Also really impressed with the HBO miniseries on John Adams... started watching that from the beginning this weekend. I saw episodes 3 and 4 I think, but never saw the first two. Really really good and worth renting.
Finally - I bottled my "Blonde Bombshell" - a wheat ale. It's my first batch to go into glass bottles!!!!! I also brewed hard cider, which should be ready around halloween.

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