Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SOOOOOO stupid

Really stupid criticism raised by the McCain campaign about Obama using the statement "lipstick on a pig"... claiming that he's calling Palin a pig.

How childish can you get? "Like lipstick on a pig" is a very common English idiom. Give me a break. And as the article reports, Obama has been using the phrase in his stump speeches long before Palin came along.

There are some incredibly stupid accusations going back and forth and its getting tiring. It's distracting from the real issues.


dkuehn said...

So apparently the McCain campaign is setting up a 55 member "Palin Truth Squad" to respond to "liberal smears" on the VP candidate.

This is so stupid. I can't tell you how stupid this is.

Jeebus people!!!!

Evan said...

We don't have internet at home, so when I come home for lunch, Tricia often asks me what's going on in the news if she hasn't been out and about.

Lately I just have to say, "Well, just election stuff, and it's mostly not worth even talking about."

I agree. I feel dumber every time I read about something regarding the election these days. Just when I thought we were getting out of this silliness, too!