Friday, August 22, 2008

Alex Jones... interesting... intelligent... paranoid

So I discovered the typhoon of paranoia that is Alex Jones yesterday, and I had to share. Jones runs a radio show/website/news nexus called "Info Wars" out of Austin, TX. He primarily writes and speaks about "New World Order" plans for world domination, the establishment of a police state, and a variety of Ron Paul stuff (the gold standard, tainted food, 9/11 conspiracy theories, etc.). So I kinda approach him like a Ron Paul on steroids - I'm totally with him on a lot of basic stuff... but he goes a little over the edge with it. For example - I totally buy the idea that the Bush administration deliberately twisted the evidence to start a war in Iraq... but the idea that they orchestrated 9/11 (which Jones and others on his show suggest), is obviously ludicrous.

Its the same way that I approach a lot of alien/UFO research that's out there, or the Templar stuff. They make really interesting points that we don't have good answers for (UFO people in particular), but they mix in a lot of unfounded assertions in there as well. So you just can't join the list serve -you can't even order their book... its just too out-there to touch. But I do enjoy tuning in and listening to a You Tube post every once in a while.

I also think someone out there needs to be suspicious and digging this stuff up. Its important to know that if Alex Jones ever uncovered a document that was credible, he might actually get the word out.

Speaking of credible documents... Ron Suskind has provided evidence that the CIA was directed by the White House to forge letters that (1.) connected Mohammed Atta to Iraq, and (2.) suggested that Iraq was buying uranium. In other words, this isn't just "bad intelligence"... this was "forged intelligence". Big deal - if this came out a year or two ago they might even be talking about impeachment... its awfully late, so I wouldn't be surprised if that doesn't happen now, but this is still a big deal (and more credible than Alex Jones's pronouncements, I'm guessing).

Some are contesting this... perhaps we'll get more info in the future.

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Anonymous said...

You really should actually CHECK to see if the things he says are false, instead of just assuming. Did you know that the only things he discusses are declassified documents, ex-insiders, mainstream media, and books? Every single fact I've doublechecked is dead on.