Wednesday, August 20, 2008

VP Thought

So Obama's VP selection sounds like it's iminent... but perhaps could wait until as late as the weekend. Of course I'm pulling for Kaine, but would also be happy with Biden.

I had another thought today... what about a surprise selection of Wesley Clark? Nobody is talking about him anymore, but everyone was very impressed with him previously. He would bring the foreign policy experience that Biden offers, but without the "old politics" sort of baggage that Biden would bring to this ostensibly post-partisan campaign.

Plus he's an old white man - which would reassure some people.

Not sure if this is even on the radar, but Clark is one of those guys I forget about and then happen to see him on TV again and remember how great he is.


Evan said...

I'm assuming it's Biden at this point. But then, I'm only getting that from the media, and they're the ones that have been making up what's going on this whole election... it seems like VP speculation, or what people think of Clinton v. Obama, etc. has been just as much constructed by the media's story as it has been reported by the same.

I'm wondering what it will do to him if he picks a VP that supported the war in Iraq. I don't know if it would help him or hurt him- it certainly wouldn't contribute to the anti-Iraq War stance that he has pushed so far.

dkuehn said...

BTW - didn't realize this until now, but Obama is going to be in Virginia for today and tomorrow... just like he was in Virginia for the two days following his win as the presumptive nominee...

probably doesn't mean anything one way or the other - but it's interesting.

btw - as far as personal friendship, I hear that Obama and Kaine are very very close. Not that that necessarily means anything for VP pick.

Evan said...

Well, now all the talk is about Kaine. Probably because he's in VA, of course, but I think the moral of the story is that I should just stop reading CNN.