Friday, August 22, 2008


So the BBC is reporting that Obama's VP selection will come within hours. This is smart - it would be crazy for him to miss a day or two of press. Now, all the online news sources will have it on the front page all day, nightly news will have it tonight, and the print news sources will still have to print it front page tomorrow morning, even if the news is "old" by then. Then the convention starts and Obama will get coverage all over again.

Anyway - the other thing the BBC reports is that he says he has chosen someone who will help him to strengthen the economy. That almost certainly means no Biden, which is interesting. Probably safe too - Biden has a lot of baggage. It could definitely mean a Kaine selection. Bacon's Rebellion had a post up today talking about how Obama's economic advisor, Austan Goolsbee (I saw him speak at the Urban Institute) considers Virginia to be a model for modern economic development - a pro-market, pro-business state with a government that is still willing to make strategic investments (except for infrastructure now, it seems). That bodes well too.

But someone like Hillary Clinton - who would also strengthen him on the economy - is also not ruled out by this new announcement. I don't think she's got a snowball's chance in hell, but there has been chatter about her lately, so I have to bring it up.

The other front runner is Indiana Senator Evan Bayh. I don't know much about him, but I looked at some of his background and he has no record that I can tell on the economy.

I think this little tidbit that Obama announced makes Kaine significantly more likely as the VP choice, especially because it will be today.

The Washington Post reports that Obama has no campaign events today - nothing until his appearance in Springfield, Illinois tomorrow where he says he will appear for the first time with his VP. That means Obama spends 48 hours in Virginia, takes a much deserved Friday rest before announcing his VP and then appearing in Illinois with him or her. No visiting Indiana or Delaware in the interim. Interesting...

By the way - I checked Kaine's schedule. Unfortunately I didn't find any clues like "Appearing in Springfield Illinois with Obama"... oh well :)

Well, I've said this before folks. If this happens that means Kaine in the White House, and Webb and Warner both in the Senate. What a boon for Virginia!!!!

I should really work on and write that "Job Flows and Unemployment in the Upper Tidewater" paper... give the Obama team some more insights into Virginia's economy.

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dkuehn said...

Interesting choice! Biden is a great guy - very intelligent, and very down to earth. I have no idea why the BBC was reporting that Obama said the selection would help him on the economy. Oh well.

Congratulations, Joe.